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Be Prepared! Check the Tour Permit Procedures.


Tour Permit Procedures (Obsolete - being updated)

The tour permit application must be filed with the local council service center TWO WEEKS in advance of scheduled activity for proper clearance.* (If you do not have the new 2000 printing, click here, Local Tour Permit No. 34436B, and print a copy.  It is used for trips of less than 500 miles.  If destination is 500 miles or more one way or outside the USA. (local council camp excepted), use National Tour Permit Application, No. 4419B.  National tour Permits need to be filed at least 30 DAYS in advance and has to be submitted to the regional office for approval.  If backcountry trip, be sure to be familiar with the BSA Wilderness Use Policy.

Tour permits may also be faxed to 925 674-6190.  Be sure to have the form completely filled out with all the information needed.

1.  3 required signatures. - Tour leader signs in two places & committee member signs the other.
2.  Insurance information on drivers.  The council no longer maintains a drivers insurance list for units.  Be sure to mark which drivers are actually participating in the outing if using a spreadsheet.
3.  Where to fax your approved tour permit.  If not provided, it will be mailed to the tour leader.**

Approved tour permits will be processed with in 4 days of being received.***

Any last minute tour permits that are faxed to the council service center will be handled in the most prudent and efficient manner possible.****  REMEMBER: Plan ahead to guarantee receiving your tour permit in time for your trip.  Do not rely on that last minute fax.

Editorial comment are mine alone:
(*This makes a lot of sense to me too.  Why they need two weeks to sign it and fax it back is beyond me?  Well they don't really need two weeks.  See above and below.) 
(**I believe that the faxing number shows on the faxed sheet of paper.  But, be sure to add a cover sheet for those who may be unable to find your fax number..)
(***You do the math.  Submit 14 days in advance. Less 4 days for council service center to process, leaves 10 days for all those "unexpected changes" to take place so that it is out of date before you go.  Just a thought.)
(****Hold all your changes until the day before, when you know what is really going to happen.  Then fax it to the council office.  Be sure to save the proof of faxing with your tour permit record.)

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