Fundraisers are necessary in maintaining a financially viable troop program. Each Scout's $40 annual, $7 of which  goes to the BSA to support the national program and not to the local council or troop. The remainder is used to support troop operations.  Troop 77 charges only minimal fees for food and transportation on our weekend outings (generally $5-$10 per boy). These small fees clearly don't cover all the costs of a trip, nor the other costs of running a troop, such as awards/patches, purchase and maintenance of troop equipment, etc.

     Fundraisers not only greatly reduce the financial burden for parents but provide the boys with great opportunities to understand what it takes to earn money and what it can buy, and instills a sense of pride in the boy of "paying his own way."

Our troop fundraising activities include, but are not limited to;
Christmas tree pick up
     Prior to Christmas (usually during the Christmas school break) the Scouts distribute fliers to all the homes in a section of Vallejo announcing the Christmas tree pick up service provided by the troop for a small donation. Each patrol will be assigned a designated area to cover with fliers. Then for two or three weekends following Christmas, a group of parents will drive the Scouts to the residences of those who scheduled a pickup. This usually generates a couple thousand dollars in donations.  We will need parents who have trucks or trailer to assist with this project.


     Funds raised in the troop fundraisers are shared between the troop's general account and each boy's individual account, depending on how many hours the boy and his family participate in the fundraising activity. In other words, if a Scout and one of his parents each participate for four (4) hours in a troop fundraiser, eight (8) total hours will be credited to the Scout for that activity. Generally, half of the total funds earned in the fundraiser goes directly to the troop's general account, while the other half is prorated to each boy's individual account based on how many hours are credited to each for that activity. A boy's individual account is generally used for summer camp registration or to help defer the costs of any other Scout outing or equipment that the boy may need if he can't attend summer camp. 

     All the funds generated in patrol fundraisers go to each boy's individual patrol account, again based on how many hours the boy (and family) contribute in the activity, or into the patrol's general fund as determined by the patrol. This money is also used for Scouting activities or equipment. 

     When the Scout leaves the troop and the BSA program, the funds of his individual account will revert back to the troop's "Campership" fund which is used to assist other Scouts with a financial need. 

     Parents are highly encouraged to share ideas for new fund-raising activities and to participate to whatever level they are able in the scheduled activities.