Youth Leadership

     With the guidance of the Scoutmaster and his assistants, the Scouts of Troop 77 plan the troop's programs, conduct meetings, and provide leadership among their peers.

     There are a number of youth leadership positions in the troop. Holding some of these positions is required for advancement.  A Scout is elected to a position for a term of six months. The troop holds elections twice a year, generally in March and September. The major elected positions are: Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL), Patrol Leader, and Crew Chief.

     The Senior Patrol Patrol Leader is the youth leader of the troop. He is elected by the Scouts of the troop. The SPL is responsible to the Scoutmaster for the operation of all activities of the troop involving the Scouts. He is the leader of the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC).

     The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is also elected by the Scouts of the troop and is the second highest leadership position in the troop. His primary job is to support the SPL. 

     The Patrol Leaders and Crew Chief, the leader of the Venture Crew, are elected by their patrol/crew and are the leaders of their patrol/crew. They report directly to the SPL.

     Other elected leadership positions include: Troop Bugler, Scribe, Historian, and Quartermaster. The major non-elected positions are Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Den Chief. These positions are generally appointed by the Scoutmaster.

     The youth leadership governing body in the troop is the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC). The PLC is made up of the SPL, ASPL, Patrol Leaders, Crew Chief, and Scribe. The PLC is responsible for planning and conducting the troop's activities. This includes developing the annual program, the weekly troop meetings, the monthly outdoor outings, and fundraisers.

     Troop youth leadership positions and the PLC are discussed in the Boy Scout Handbook and are described in significant detail in the Junior Leader Handbook.

     Twice a year, just prior to elections being held, Troop 77 has a Junior Leadership Training Workshop (informally known as the JLTWTB - Junior Leader Training Wan To Be) weekend at a nearby campsite. This program was developed by Troop 77 and has become one of our best tools for developing youth leadership capabilities in the troop. It is a very popular activity but is only available to Scouts who have achieved the rank of First Class and above. All Scouts are required to attend at least one session per year to be eligible for a leadership position in the troop. The session is an entirely boy run event that features the most important elements in developing effective leadership qualities. Methods include classroom and field activities, role playing situations, and plenty of opportunities for dialog and discussion.

     Other troops in our council have shown a lot of interest in this program. Representatives of other troops have attended previous sessions and several troops are adopting the concepts in their leadership development programs.

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