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     The camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are essential elements of the advancement and overall youth development process. Scouting in the outdoors helps to teach self-reliance by utilizing and developing skills such as swimming, camping, hiking, canoeing, cooking, snow skiing, backpacking, and rock climbing/rappelling. Boys learn to accommodate the group needs as well as to eventually provide group leadership. The troop is organized so that the older Scouts and trained adults provide instruction and support as new experiences are encountered.

     Camping and other outdoor experiences through the year are normally held at a variety of parks, campgrounds, and reserves. Troop 77 generally has at least one outing every month. These include day hikes, service projects, drive-in camps, long term camps, short weekend backpacking trips, as well as 50 milers, and high adventure opportunities.

     Our major troop camping activity is summer camp. For a week in July/August we generally attend summer camp at one of our Council campsites, e.g., Camp Silverado (located in the Sierras near Silver Lake).  We alternate annually between Council camps and out of council camps for variety.  In 1999 we attended both Camp Silverado and Cherry Valley on Catalina Island  All Scouts are highly encouraged to attend summer camp; and most of our troop fundraising activities are focused on each boy earning the majority of the funds required for him to attend. This is an excellent opportunity for each Scout to make significant progress on rank advancement, earn merit badges, and have a great time with his fellow Scouts!

     Troop 77 has a "Campership" program designed to help Scouts, particularly new Scouts, who may not have the finances to attend summer camp. This requires a parent-initiated conference between the Scout's parents and the Scoutmaster. 

Our primary annual district camping event is the spring  Camporee and Fall Camporall.. At these weekend events each patrol competes as a unit in Scouting-based events. They boys are collectively scored on their Scout skills along with how well they work together. Another similar, less competitive, district weekend camping event occurs in the fall, and is known as the Camporall

     Several years ago, the troop began spending a weekend every fall touring San Francisco. We generally take BART to the city, then hike and bus our way to points of interest such as Coit Tower, Lombard Street, the Exploratorium, Golden Gate Park, the Mission, Pier 39, etc. The highlight of the trip is a tour and overnight stay on the retired/restored World War II submarine, USS Pampanito, which is docked at Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 45. The next day includes a hike to Fort Point for a tour of the fort followed by a hike across the Golden Gate Bridge to our transportation home. 

     Due to the popularity of groups staying on the USS Pampanito, we took an alternate trip in 1999 to the USS Hornet, WWII aircraft carrier docked at the "old" Alameda Naval Air Station.

     Troop 77 makes a number of ski trips each winter.  All are open to any family member.  The troop has access to ski sets that can be borrowed for the weekend by contacting the Scoutmaster

     The troop supports high adventure activities for older/experienced Scouts.  A contingent from Troop 77 also attended Philmont Scout Ranch, the National Boy Scout Camp, in New Mexico in the summers of 1993 and 1996 and 1998.  Reservations for Philmont have been secured for the summer of 2000, and two crews will be attending.  During some summers, we have also organized a 50+ mile backpacking trip for first class and above Scouts.

     The troop owns 9 river canoes and sponsors a couple day trips on the American River during the summer months.  The section of the river is between Nimbus Dam and Gristmill Park which includes excellent safe moving waters which challenge the beginning/intermediate paddlers.  This is very popular run for rental rafts also.  

     Our high adventure activities, such as extended backpacking trips, rock climbing/rappelling, snow camping, and white water canoeing are planned and supervised by senior Scouts and adults who are highly trained in these activities and provide the required special instruction and safety. A number of adults in the troop are High Adventure Training (HAT) certified and have instructed at many high adventure training sessions for other adults and youths in our council. Troop 77 Scouts are not able to participate in these activities without parental consent and appropriate training and supervision. 

     Standard state/federal campground rules, such as the prohibition of all firearms, apply on all outings, unless special arrangements have been made with the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmasters. In addition, the troop prohibits unsafe or "distractive" items on outings and other Scout activities. Unless specified on an outing's flyer as allowable, such items as audiovisual equipment (CD players, portable radios, tape players, video games, or TVs), any guns or water-spewing items (water guns, balloons, etc.), knives (other than pocket knives), or any toy or other item that might be potentially unsafe to use or distracting from Scout activities must be left at home. If any such item is brought on a Scout outing, it will be confiscated and returned to the Scout's parents with an explanation.  
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