The Parent's Role - Need for Parent's Cooperation

     Troop 77 is a relatively large and very active troop and all efforts in behalf of our sons are done by volunteers. Therefore, we ask that parents plan to do their part to help the troop function.

     All parents are encouraged to attend troop meetings, but are particularly expected to attend the Parent Committee Meeting that is generally held the third Monday of every month. It is conveniently held during the normal troop meeting in a separate room of the church. This gives every parent an opportunity to learn more about the Boy Scouts of America, keep up on troop activities and to provide input to our Scouting program. To better understand the program, parents are also asked to read the Boy Scout Handbook along with the other Scouting resources and to encourage their sons to do the same.

     All parents are asked to complete the Troop Resource Survey. This will give the Troop a better idea of your skills and interests and how you can help us provide the best possible program for our boys. If you desire to teach a Merit Badge(s) you must register with the BSA by completing an Adult Application form, which can be obtained from the Scoutmaster, and be approved by the Council. If your only position in Scouting is a Merit Badge Counselor, there is no annual membership fee.

     If you would like to become more active as a registered adult leader (a "Scouter") or a Committee Member you must also complete an Adult Application form. Annual dues for these positions are only $7 which includes adult membership in the BSA, a subscription to Scouting magazine (published nationally by the BSA), and the distribution of Smoke Signals (monthly newsletter published locally by the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council).

     Parents are always needed to sit on Boards of Reviews (see the Advancement section). There is an adult sign-up list at every troop meeting for up coming Boards of Review.

I     t takes numerous adult drivers, hikers, and campers to transport and supervise our Scouts on their various outings. As specified in the Troop 77 Bylaws, parents are required to provide transportation to/from two Scout activities per year. Whether you would like to join the troop on a hike or campout, or just want to drive to/from an activity, adults should volunteer for activities as soon as possible to better accommodate their own schedules. Participation in these outings provides parents opportunities to observe and/or share their son's Scouting experiences, as well as, occasions to get to know the other parents in the troop. This is quality time at its best!

     Parents are asked to participate in troop activities, get their boys (and themselves) to the meetings and activities on time, and encourage their sons progress on rank advancement and merit badges.

     Parents are also asked to help their boy maintain a neat and clean uniform and overall appearance. This includes the proper placement of badges and patches on the uniform according to the insignia guide in the Boy Scout Handbook.

     Parents are encouraged to help their son follow Scouting ideals outside of Scouting activities, such as the home, school, neighborhood, etc.

     It is understandable that parents may not be familiar with the Boy Scouts of America, its program or any of its processes or committees, e.g., the Board of Review or parent committee. The Scoutmaster or any of the Assistant Scoutmasters would be happy to spend whatever time it takes to help you feel more comfortable with this program and enable you to better contribute to the program.


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