The Patrol

     Troop 77 uses the "Patrol Method." Patrols are the building blocks of the troop. Our troop is generally divided into six to eight patrols of six to eight Scouts in each.

     When a boy joins the troop, he will be assigned to a specific patrol. Each patrol has a patrol-elected Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader, and possibly a Quartermaster, Scribed and/or Historian as desired. The patrol also has an adult patrol advisor, generally an Assistant Scoutmaster, who provides overall guidance.

     Each patrol meets, on the average, twice every month, separate from the Monday evening troop meetings. This enables patrols to work on rank advancement or merit badges, to prepare for troop activities, or to plan their own activities or outings as a patrol. Patrols are also encouraged to earn the Baden-Powell award. This award includes two patrol service projects, regular patrol meetings and attendance, and patrol spirit to be completed in a three month time period.

     Each patrol determines when and where they will meet and what the appropriate uniform is for patrol activities.

     The patrol may collect dues and/or hold fundraisers to fund Scouting activities. Dues are typically $1 per patrol meeting.

     Troop 77 also has a variation of the patrol called the Venture Crew. It is comprised of older Scouts, Star rank and above, fourteen years of age or older, who focus more on high adventure activities. However, they are still part of the troop and participate in all troop activities and are expected to provide leadership in the troop.

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